Who I am


This is all a bit personal, but lets see how it goes.

Going backwards in time…

Since 2012 I have run an environmental campaigning outfit called Market Forces. We advocate on environmental issues from a finance and investment perspective.  It’s cool. You should check it out.

Before that I was one of Greenpeace’s Climate and Energy campaigners, working mainly out of Sydney but I also got involved with many of the organisation’s international projects, so spent a lot of time in Amsterdam,  where their head office is.

That main picture of me is taken on top of a chimney stack in Brindidi, southern Italy, as part of a series of actions taken as the G20 meeting was held in 2009.

Greenpeace is where I got my education as a campaigner.  Market Forces was where I took that to the next level,  and also had to learn about leadership, both key subjects for this site.

Prior to that I worked wherever I could as I sought any role in the climate, environment and development movements where I could channel the overwhelming urge I had to combat what I could see was the greatest threat to ever face humanity in climate change. Places I worked included Environment Victoria and OXFAM Australia, as well as other small volunteering jobs. That was from about 2004-2006.

Before that I was at University.  I went to Monash in Clayton,  where I got the shit scared out of me by maths professors who were laying bare the awful realityof how profound climate change’s impacts were.

Prior to to that I had a gap year in 1999 where I spent half the year scanning shopping items on the checkout and the other half spending money I’d saved doing that on travel.

Before that I was at high school,  then primary school,  then kindergarten,  then I was a toddler and infant,  when I spent most of my time mispronouncing my name and shitting myself.

I didn’t exist before that, at least in my current human form. I was a collection of mainly carbon and nitrogen-based molecules that probably got up to all sorts of stuff but as I lacked consciousness (at least in this state) I can’t tell you what I did. There’s a good chance I was soil for a while.

I drifted around in this form for about 4.5 billion years as part of the Earth,  prior to which my molecules were part of the ecretion disc that ultimately formed the solar system we find ourselves in.

Before that I was part of gas clouds that had been created after the stars that converted the hydrogen and helium i used to be made from into “metals” like carbon, nitrogen and other chemical elements. This all happened inside the cores of stars about to go supernova, where temperatures were millions of degrees. Boy, the stories…

Before that I was just hydrogen and helium,  existing as part of stats or the interstellar medium.

Prior to that I was plasma, which was the case for a few hundred thousand years before I was part of a universe so hot, dmall and dense I honestly couldn’t describe it.  My memory goes back to a fraction of a second after the big bang.


And here is a list of the various ways you can contact me, in order of uselessness:

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